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Stearic Acid (Lubristic 995)

Stearic Acid Lubristic 995

Stearic acid is the common name for octadecanoic acid, which is a saturated fatty acid stearic acid for rubber vulcanization accelerator. Rubber Grade stearic acid offered by us is sourced from reputed organizations. These rubber grade stearic acid are used as an activator, dispersing agent, plasticize and lubricant in rubber compound processing. Further, rubber grade stearic acid also finds application for an external lubricant and viscosity depressant in PVC processing.

Stearic Acid is require as a part of all type of sulphur vulcanizing syatem. Stearic acid activates accelerators in presence of zinc oxide forming zinc stearate in citu.There are plenty of functions of stearic acid. In rubber industry besides its use as activators with sulphur vulcanizing, it is also used as dispersing agent as plasticizer and as antisticking to mould and rolls. Stearic acid is a common, naturally occurring fatty acid widely used as an inexpensive primary emulsifying agent.

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