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Calcium Carbonate PPT

Calcium Carbonate PPT

Item Code: CaCO3

Bulk Density we can cater to any requirements of Bulk Densities between 0.40 to 0.80 Calcium Carbonate PPT.

Applications / Uses:

  • Paints: As a filler in latex paints, alkyd paints and powder coatings.
  • Paper: As a coating pigment or filler
  • Plastics: As a functional filler in PVC / PP / HDPE / LDPE / Polyester / ABS / Polyestyrene.
  • Rubber: As a reforcing agent in natural and synthetic rubber for tyre, Tube etc.
  • Filler in Hawai Chappals, Chappal Straps and Soles, to improve
  • Strength and colour shades, with extraordinary whiteness.
  • MISC: Rigid PVC, Leather cloth, Foam Leather, cable compound, General use as dusting, polishing neutralisation, putty, printing inks

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