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Ceramic Paper

Ceramic Paper download Specification

Paper Products ( Paper and Roll Boards ) are made from high purity Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fibres. Organic binders and fillers are used to give the products desired properties. Paper and Roll Board are flexible products.


  • Contains no asbestos
  • High strength due to long resilient filament structure and binder system.
  • High insulating value
  • Resilient, Flexible
  • Resists most chemical attack; unaffected by water/chemicals and physical properties restored on drying
  • Can be used in contact with molten aluminium and other non ferrous metals
  • Easily cut and shaped


  • Die cut gaskets between castings in coke oven doors, blast furnace hot air piping, aluminium heat treating furnace, tuyeres and heat treat furnaces.
  • Backup for brick and monolithic refractories in blast furnace stoves, piping, tundish, ladle, hot metal cars, trough etc.
  • Mould wrapping for controlled cooling
  • SEN insulation wrapping
  • Shield for welding & brazing operation
  • Rotary klin back-up insulation
  • Fabricated into tapout cones for Aluminium industry.
  • Strips in bottom of ingot mould for sealing
  • Expansion joint packing
  • Induction coil liner
  • Mould liner
  • Silencer interleaf
  • Ladle & tundish insulation
  • Asbestos paper replacement
  • Hot top linings
  • Thermal and electrical insulation

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