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Calcium Silicate insulation (HYSIL)

HYSIL calcium silicate from HIL, India is suitable for thermal insulation in furnace, cave dwelling of steel mill, petrochemical, ceramics, glass, cement industries and power industries as well as other various ancillary heating equipment.

The main constituents of HYSIL calcium silicate is xonotlite and reinforced glass fiber, no asbestos. It is a kind of high efficient energy-saving material with temperature limited 800°C -1100°C . Characterised by low bulk density, high specific strength, superior heat resistance, outstanding thermal insulation, excellent durability, chemical corrosion resistance, easy to be cut by saw and easy installation, calcium silicate can be widely used for the insulation of industrial kiln.

Properties of  HYSIL  calcium silicate:

  • High strength: the strongest one among the inorganic thermal insulation materials with the similar density;
  • Non-deformation within the temperature range;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Asbestos-free.

Application of  HYSIL   calcium silicate:

  • Cement industry: preheaters and cyclone separators, decomposition kiln, tertiary air duct and cooler;
  • Nonferrous metallurygical industry: aluminum power calciner and electrolysis groove;
  • Petrochemical industry: Splitting furnace, catalytic cracking furnace, petroleum pipeline, underground heat-flooding;
  • Metallurgical industry (steel plant): hot-rolling heat furnace, cool-rolling mill set, RH vacuum degassing furnace, smelters, hot deformation and heat treatment plants;
  • Power plant:preheat stove, pipe;
  • Glass industry:melting furnace and recuperator, annealing furnace and cooling channels.

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