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Stannous Fluoride

Stannous FluorideOur Stannous Fluoride are famous for being a chemical compound mixed with formula SnF2. Our product is a solid without color used as an important element in toothpaste. These ingredients are expensive than other such element such as sodium fluoride. Our products allow tooth to fight against bacteria. In most of the time, toothpastes with calcium minerals, sodium fluoride becomes ineffective for various reason, whereas, our product are quite effective in performing such tasks and this has earned us a good fame.


  • Reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Quality service
  • Agni-bacterial
  • Used in toothpastes


  • Molecular Weight: 156.70
  • Cas no : 7783-47-3
  • Description: White Powder
  • Assay: 99.14% Min
  • Fluorine value as F: 23.8% Min
  • Tin content as Sn: 75.1% Min
  • Free HF: 0.002% Max
  • Silica as SiO2: 0.003% Max
  • Fe : 0.0008% Max
  • Cl: 0.003% Max
  • Pb : 0.00085 Max
  • Hg : 0.0002 % Max

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