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Lithium Nitrate

Lithium Nitrate Lithium nitrate is an inorganic compound with the formula LiNO3. It is the lithium salt of nitric acid. It is made by reacting lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide with nitric acid.

CAS Number: 7790-69-4


This deliquescent colourless salt is an oxidizing agent used in the manufacture of red-colored fireworks and flares.

Lithium Nitrate has been proposed as a medium to store heat collected from the sun for cooking. A Fresnel lens would be used to melt solid lithium nitrate, which would then function as a 'solar battery', allowing heat to be redistributed later by convection.

LiNO3 is utilized in solute-solvent interactions at decreasing temperatures (i.e. 329-290 K) which in effect, can be used to transport ions in binary solutions of molten acetamide.

Currently, lithium nitrate is being tested to see if it can be applied to concrete-pavement to withstand weathering effects.

In the lab, LiNO3 is commonly bound to a trihydrate ion in order to test bifurcated hydrogen bonds within crystal structures of molecules which can correlate to hydrogen bond strength.

Lithium nitrate is also used as a catalyst which accelerates the breakdown of nitrogen oxides, through oxidation, found in soot.

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