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Sodium Aluminium Fluoride

Sodium Aluminium Fluoride

Physical and chemical properties of kryocide:

The product is a white crystalline powder or a sandy-size granularity, and a pinkish crystalline powder or a sandy-size granularity as well.—3.05g/cm3, melting point about 1025°C, specific heat 1.056j/g°C at 18—100°C. It’s slightly soluble in water, but insoluble in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride. The content of its crystal water will be decreased while the increasing of the molecular ratio, therefore its loss on ignition will be also decreased while the increasing of the molecular ratio. After the paste of synthetic cryolite with different molecular ratio dehydrates, the loss on ignition at 800°C will appear 10.34%, 6.22% and 2.56% when the molecular ratio reaches 1.74, 2.14 and 2.63 reactively.

Usage of kryocide:

It’s mainly used as a flux in the aluminum smelting by fused-salt electrolysis; also an opalizer in the manufacture of enamel; an opacifier and auxiliary solvent of glass and enamel; an insecticide of crops; a flux in aluminum alloy casting; and in the production of ferrous alloy and effervescing steel; as well as a wear-resistant filler for resin and rubber-boned abrasive wheels.

Specification of NA3ALF6:

Molecular Formula Na3AlF6 Molecular Weight 209.94
Specification Parameter   Result  
Fluorine (F) 53  
Aluminum (Al) 13  
Sodium (Na) 32  
Silicon Oxide (SiO2) 0.25  
Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) 0.05  
Sulfate (SO42-) 0.7  
Calcium Oxide (CaO) 0.10  
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 0.02  
Water (H2O) 0.4  
Packing In 25kg/50kg plastic woven bag lined with high pressure polyethylene plastic bag.

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