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Lithium Cryolite

Lithium Cryolitewe are the manufacturer of Lithium cryolite . which is used in Abrasives in welding agents,metal treatment,welding powders, soldering agents

  • Formula: Li3AlF6
  • m.w.: 161.8
  • Cas no.: 13821-20-0
  • Properties: It is a white powder.


Production of abrasives: as active filler in rein hounded abrasives for metal treatment. Production of welding agents: as component of welding rod coating and welding powders. Production of soldering agents: as component for flux agents.


Store at a ventilated, dry and cool place and keep from food.

Assay (Li3AlF6) 96min
Al 15-17
Li 12-13
F 65-70
Fe2O3 0.025max
SO4 0.05max
SiO2 0.2max
Pb 0.01max
HCl-Insoluble 0.05max
H2O 0.5max

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