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Calcium Aluminate Flux

Calcium Aluminate FluxWe would like to share the details of our product Calcium Aluminate Flux used for the conditioning of the steel slag.

Please read more about this product as below.

Calcium Aluminate For Synthetic Slag Application

Calcium Aluminate for Synthetic Slag used in steel making process specially for desulphurization,dephosphorization and non-metallic inclusion absorption without adversely affecting ladle refractory. Calcium Aluminate for Synthetic Slag can plays a role of thermal insulation; Calcium Aluminate for Synthetic Slag can purify liquid steel by preventing steel from reacting with Oxygen, Nitrogen、Hydrogen. Calcium Aluminate for synthetic slag is widely used as a steel making addition in most large-scale steel corporation in developed countries.

Please refer our standard specifications for this product as below. The picture of the product is attached here with for your easy reference & record

Parameter Value
Al2O3 ( %) 35.00-45.00
CaO (%) 33.00-37.00
SiO2 (%) 5.00 Max.
Fe2O3 (%) 3.00 Max.
TiO2 (%) 4.00 Max.
MgO (%) 2.00-20.00
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 2.50-2.80
Melting  Point (°C) ≤ 1345
Color Dark brown
Particle Size (mm) 0-25

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