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4 A Zeolite

Quality index of the 4A Zeolite

  • Chemical Name:Sodium Alumino Silicate,Type A
  • Molecular Formula:Na2O·Al2O3·2SiO2·4.5H2O
  • Apperance:Uniform white and fine powder, free from visible contamination
  • Crystals:Round grain and good

4A zeolite function in detergents Softening water and enhance detergency.

4A Zeolite can be working with sodium citrate as anti anti-deposition agent and dispersing agent.

4 A zeolite has volume of even micropore, its Na+ can exchange with Ca2+,Mg2+, thus softening water, removing 98% Ca+, and at least 50% Mg+, preventing coagulation of surfactants and Ca+, promoting the detergency.

4 A Zeolite is a major builder adding other complementing builders, can achieve ideal detergency.

4A zeolite carries more non-ion surfactants Its absorption capacity of non-ion surfactant is 3 times that of NTA(nitrilotriacetic acid) and sodium carbonate, 5 times that of STPP and sodium sulphate. This character means new washing powder agglomerated can have more surfactants and with better detergency and good fluidity.