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Calcium Silicate for Wall & Ceiling

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Hilux Calcium Silicate Board

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board is made of calcareous and siliceous materials, reinforced with fibres. It is cured under high steam pressure and temperature to provide a stable, strong crystalline structure.

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board is a top-notch, contemporary building material manufactured in Ramco’s two state-of–art plants in the country using the revolutionary HSPC technology, ensuring quality, durability and consistency.

That’s why Hilux is a preferred material among the discerning architect and interior fraternity, and with a wide spectrum of end-users as well.

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board
Calcium Silicate Board Brochure
Hilux Calcium Silicate Board Fire Insulation
Fire Insulation book
Hilux Calcium Silicate Board acoustic insulation
Acoustic insulation book

A huge range of building materials is available today, IT Adfim it is becoming increasingly difficult to make an informed choice - with such a wide range of attributes, finishes and forms. Deciding which material to choose, is quite a challenge.

But there can be no debate that for critical applications as partitioning, panelling and false ceiling, hard core, functional product attributes should definitely take precedence over aesthetics, workability and finish. That's why we have built in the best structural properties into Hilux Calcium Silicate Board.

It rates the highest on crucial parameters like fire, water and termite resistance, among others. Quite simply, it is the best-rated board for dry walls and ceilings. Read on to discover just how.

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board Features

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Hilux Calcium Silicate Board Features Hilux Calcium Silicate Board Unique Features

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